What We Do

Value Proposition to Agencies

Title agents excel in the core elements of the title and closing industry- i.e.-sales, conducting closing, providing great customer service, and developing quality community and business relationships. However, the world for each and every title agent has changed.  With the new ALTA Best Practices requirements imposed on owners and leadership,  many  title agents are looking for assistance in managing their organizations in this new regulatory environment.

COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK brings value to title agencies in many ways. Our model enables agencies to concentrate on growing sales and relationships and to focus on customer service. COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK relieves agency management from managing and handling all non-customer service aspects of their business.

Community Closing Network helps revenue growth:

  • Drive business to agencies through multi-state relationships with lenders
  • Create higher profit margins through revenue increases and cost efficiencies
  • Create scale for the agency to be leaders in their community and in new markets
  • Provide the agency leader with the tools, resources, and programs to grow business throughout the state/region
  • Create an incentive program for the agency leader and management team to benefit from the growth
  • Allow the agency to keep its brand name and enhance marketing efforts within the current footprint
  • Create and implement digital marketing programs that will create lead generation

Community Closing Network relieves administrative burdens:

  • Release production and tracking
  • Escrow accounting
  • Accounting
  • Digital marketing, Social Media
  • IT and telecom support
  • HR support
  • RESPA Compliance
  • ALTA Best Practices compliance
  • Software training programs
  • Provide the management team with timely and comprehensive management tools, reports and systems
  • Enable the agency to keep its current underwriting relationships while availing it to other relationships that can help lead to additional business opportunities
  • Work flow process –re-engineering to meet lender customer service requirements