Lenders-page-picAt COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK, our entire agency organization will act as a partner with lenders, not just a vendor to lenders.

At COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK we  are building our entire business workflow around the understanding that mortgage lenders of all sizes need from the title industry more modern industry thinking that results in operational efficiency, more use of technology for data integration, more transparency of our file status for the lender and the consumer borrower, more responsiveness, and more efficient timing in providing our title and closing products and services.

At COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK our agencies will be level SOC II certified.

At COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK we will have consistent work flow processes and turn times for work product, no matter what state, county, or city in which the transaction occurs. COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK is a value-added partner to all lenders focusing on ensuring the lenders customer service and work process is efficiently optimized.