Our Culture

3PI | Passion, Performance, Partnership, Innovation

Based on the drive and successful experiences of our leadership, we  know that we need to create and maintain a certain drive, discipline and enthusiasm for the benefit of our customers.  We will drive  a culture that requires us to perform everyday to our utmost ability for our various customers – consumers, lenders, realtors, builders.


  • We will be passionate about creating the highest level of customer service
  • We will strive to  be the industry leader  in customer service
  • We will be passionate about creating a culture where we respect all our team members
  • We will work to build strong community connections in the markets we serve.
  • We will align profit and purpose to strengthen our role as a civic pillar and enhance associate satisfaction


  • We will beat yesterday every day
  • We will strive to perform every task at the highest level of efficiency , recognizing the impact to our internal and external customers
  • We will set realistic and attainable goals and we will prepare to reach and exceed those goals
  • We will work smart as a team
  • We will be clear in communicating our vision, goals and initiatives so that our entire organization will be encouraged to participate  and understand their role
  • We will reward the participants who succeed in achieving  their individual goals and we will reward the team when we achieve our collective  goals


  • We will strive to be excellent, trusted partners for our referral customers
  • We will work to understand our customer needs and resolve friction points in the process flow of our work together
  • We will be proactive in offering solutions through Business Process Management (BPM)
  • We will leverage our strengths of experience, technology, innovative work flow process  and other resources to create radically new customer service models and standards


  • We will establish COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK as an innovation hub in the title and lending industries
  • We will strive to individually and collectively be the leader in innovation by leveraging our thought processes, experience, technology, ideas on work flow and data integration  and other resources
  • We will reward innovative ideas and efforts that generate material results and solutions that make sense and  that make a  significant, positive impact for our customers