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aboutWho We Are

Community Closing Network is a title agency being built for the future. We are acquiring local successful title agencies in various geographic markets throughout the Eastern United States. We offer agencies of all sizes an opportunity to leverage their local relationships and expertise in their local/regional market and allow them to realize the value they have created in their company. We are rewarding principals through our acquisition pricing for their hard work and value they have created in their agencies, as well as offering a significant incentive program by additionally providing an opportunity to share significantly in the profits from their efforts in growing the business post-closing.

We are looking for entrepreneurial principals and leaders who desire to stay with us post-acquisition and who will continue to grow the business and lead innovative change in their market.

Once acquired, we want the agencies to maintain their brand identity in the local market.

Agencies acquired by COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK will focus on customer service and their core services in title and closing. COMMUNITY CLOSING NETWORK will focus on improving administrative support in compliance, IT, escrow accounting, HR, financial accounting and other administrative matters. Our platform enables the agency, as well as the individual agent, to focus on core services of closing and customer service while we undertake the more traditional administrative responsibilities and all the compliance and regulatory matters that burden the agencies and detract from efforts focused on growing revenue and improving customer service.